Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 5

Kære alle sammen,

Thank you for your prayers for N (we can use first letters, and that's better than ***). What we feel like with the investigator is that eventually he'll stand up for his decision and be baptized. His parents love him (come on, he's there only child, studying to be a doctor, and the sweetest guy ever. Who wouldn't?), and will accept whatever he does if they know it makes him truly happy, even if the mother definitely didn't enjoy her time with the Mormons. She won't say why. We're going to keep praying for him though, as he asked, and we taught him about fasting too. We're keeping up our regular meetings, of course. In his prayers at the end he always thanks Heavenly Father for the missionaries who are willing to meet with him to help him become better, and he loves every single meeting. He has also committed to come to church every Sunday. How could we not be excited to meet with him every week? It is difficult though. His mom has started teasing him a little bit about the church. "Watch out, N, or one of these days those missionaries will put you in a straightjacket and just push you into the font!" I can't imagine how difficult that would be, since you all have always been so supportive, but his testimony has been strong enough for him to keep talking to his mom about it and keep coming to church. We're planning on watching Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. 1. Since we've pretty much run out of lessons and 2. because I think it will really help him and his testimony to see the lives of others who have stood up for their faith like he is doing now. It's so important to learn about our heritage. That's what the whole church is built on.

I contacted by myself. I feel like Stitch. "I found them. All on ... my own." Søster Ronstrom and I walked down different sides of the same street in order to contact more people. The feeling of freedom that first five seconds when I realized that I was walking down the street alone, without a companion, was both exciting and terrifying beyond belief. Katie (sister, but maybe Supreme Mugwump too, if you want to take turns), you may need to stay by my side every minute of the first week or two home until I get used to being a real person again. Just a heads up. Clear your schedule. Anyway, it went really well. On my own, chattin' with the Danes. True, it was raining, so not many people stopped, but I did manage to teach two lessons! I was praying aaaaall morning for help speaking and the courage to even try, and I'm quite certain that it wasn't really all on my own. I'm excited to try again!

Last week we switch our P-Day to go to the Danish National Museum of History. We stayed pretty much in the Stone Age-Iron Age section, with a quick walk through the Near Eastern Classical Antiquities wing. Every museum has one. It was really fascinating to see the Viking history, but even better was the pre-Viking. They had several old grave sites that really spoke volumes about the culture. They were buried in hollowed out tree trunks with pots of mead, bread, and various buckles and bracelets and weapons that they cherished in life. Because of the trapped gasses within the trunks, they were incredibly well preserved even though they were about 3,000-4,000 years old. Humanity is fascinating. And their metal working? Supreme Mugwump, I took lots of pictures of the jewelry in the cases. We need to take a class or something and learn how to make some.

In the Greek section though was hands down the best find of the day. Week. Maybe the whole transfer. They had a whole case devoted to Herculean art -- vases, pots, small statues, plastic Disney toys ... I love the Danes!

Here's an excerpt from Søster Ronstrom's letter. M is the girl who was just baptized that you all prayed for. Sorry if it reads oddly. It's googletranslated from Swedish.

"Yesterday however, I had a truly wonderful experience. We went out and contacted and walked on either side of the street so we could talk to more people, and I was texting M, the girl who just was baptized, and it was just so cool. She talked about how she was going to "do missionary work," and a few other things and I was just so happy to hear that. For some reason I just could not stop smiling and the people I spoke to probably thought I looked a bit silly haha ​​.. but it doesn't matter. I just felt the spirit so strong and was just so happy and grateful for the opportunity I had to watch her develop as much. It's just a big drastic difference from the first time I saw her, and it is the power of Christ's Atonement. The gospel changes lives! I know it! I've seen it so many times here in Denmark and also in myself. It is such a great privilege to bear His name near mine every day. And although I'm not perfect, and certainly not a perfect missionary he gives me and others, the ability to develop and to repent. It's amazing! I hope you will take every opportunity you get to bear your testimony, and I hope that everything goes fine with you."

It really has been the most wonderful part of the mission, seeing the difference that Christ makes in people's lives. I've only been here a month, and it's already so evident.

Jeg elsker jer!

Søster Morse

P.S. The last photo is from the plane window as we landed in Denmark. The coast was covered in ice, with chunks floating out into the sea. A fantastic first impression of our new home.

Mom - Thankyouthankyouthankyouthanky
outhankyouthankyouthankyou!! I loved the package. I wore the socks on St. Patrick's (which the Danes don't even celebrate! Makes sense, seeing as they're not Irish (duh), but it's such a fun excuse to wear green and eat yummy food. They don't really need an excuse to drink. I can't seem to stay away from the chocolate and the Oreo's. Those are a godsend. You know how much I love them. And that was really clever too, lining the package with paper towels so they stayed whole. Totally worked. They were perfect. Perfect and delicious. I'll load up the flash drive and get it back asap. And all the Easter stuff is so cute! Have I mentioned that you are amazing?

Dad - It's really good that you were able to have a quiet week. It seems like everyone back home has colds though. 'Tis the season, I suppose.

Cheryl - I didn't get to talk to the member much on Sunday, so still no soup recipe. Sorry. Andrew's letter is so adorable!

Katie - Did you know that Mom sent a photo of you?

William - Here's the mail it never fails. It makes me wanna wag my tail. When it comes I wanna wail, "MAAAAAAAAIIIL"! It was so good to get a letter from you! Don't feel bad. I haven't written back to some of the people who wrote me the first month in the MTC. And it's not that long. Look at it. It's already been 3 months! That went by so quickly! Exciting about your competition news. I hope you get to go and that you 1. enjoy Cali and 2. kick serious butt in a "children's card game".

Supreme Mugwump - Some crazy issue with postage meant that I only just got your letter. So sad! I'm glad you enjoyed the cards. And yes, I sent 2 packages. The one you mentioned and then one giant envelope with all the comics my family sent me. Maybe that counts as a letter. Either way, I DID send it!

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