Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The CUV--Youth Center

These are from the CUV (Young Adult Center). The Elders are the President's Assistants, and actually the first missionaries I met here in Denmark. Ældste Larkin and Ældste Koop. Æ Koop (the tall one) was just transferred to Århus. These were taken at FHE. The pool balls? We play Crud every week, and the Elders get ... competative. A submission of my true mission is to get Ældste Larkin out. Pride cometh before the fall, Ældste. Pas på ...

The other is Ældste Telford. He and his wife are in charge of the CUV here and are complete angels. Well, Søster Telford is, anyway. Ældste Telford decided to take a few pictures of himself while taking pictures of us. He's hilarious, and the youth all love them both.

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