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Week 2 In The Field--11 Overall

Hannah Morse to me, Bryan
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Kære familier,

1. Jeg elsker København.
2. Jeg elsker vores undersøgerer.
3. Jeg elsker missions arbejde.
4. Jeg elsker wienerbrød.

It's so nice to be able to do the proper letters without having to enter some James Bond worthy sequence of codes on the computer. The keyboard layout still throws me off though, so between that and Danish killing my English spelling, this will be a fun letter to decode! I'll try to be careful.

Week 2 in the field (11 overall) went very smoothly. We had specialized training and leadership training back to back, so that took up two days, but they were great - all the missionaries from Sjæland and ... Er ... I can't remember! The other major island, whatever it's called. Anyway, we were all together in one room and Søster Andersen gave us wienerbrød (pastries - actually, my first Danish pastries!) and we had kebabs for lunch (which is the amazing kebab meat shaved into a pita with sauce and lettuce and onions and tomatoes, rolled up like a taquito the size of your forearm). That was also my first proper kebab. Danish food is delicous and, thanks to all the walking and the wonderful members, the missionaries get to eat loads of it! We also had a fun Scripture Chase game. It was just like in Seminary, but far more intense since it's all missionaries. However, Søster Ronstrom and I were the hands down winners, scoring 19/14, getting all the scripture references and principles based on the pictures, but also finding each one Præsident Andersen referenced. We were pretty proud. Not in a sinful way though. Okay, maybe a little. The other Ældster were really competative!

I love contacting and meeting with all of our incredible investigators. We currently have 3 progressing. One Catholic who's not about to give it up any time soon, 1 with a baptismal date (more on that later), and one who wants to be baptized, but isn't sure when will be right. We'll be talking with him this week. The best part is seeing the differences the gospel makes in their lives.

We've also redoubled our commitment to contacting. As you said, courage is doing something you're afraid to do. Neither of us is bold when it comes to talking with strangers, but we've been praying for the strength to do so. This is the truth. Jesus lives. God knows us and listens to our prayers and blesses our families. Yet the standard response to our initial contact is to cut us off mid sentence with "Jesus? No thanks." I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. It's a bit disheartening. Not being rejected. That we expect. But seeing these people as children of a Heavely Father who wants nothing more than to bless their lives with all that He has, but who know nothing about Him or His Son. Coming to a better understanding of that as we talk has helped us begin to take advantage of every opportunity. Thomas S. Monson also said that "Sometimes courage is that quiet voice at the end of the day that whispers, 'I'll try again tomorrow.'" We'll keep trying.

I could go on forever about missionary work, but I'll get back to our investigators. Not really a huge topic swith (still missionary work), but ah well.

There is the great lady who was the first investigator I ever met here. I didn't know she was even an investigator. I'd just met Søster Ronstrom earlier that afternoon and we were all at the CUV (Youth Center) openhouse. She's the one I talked about last week who wanted to be baptized. We worked it all out for the 9th of April. She wanted it to be the 9th (an important number for her in her life or something, I'm not one to judge. I'm a missionary, not a priest), and the 9th of March was too soon for her. We got a text yesterday in church for her, saying that she knew this was true and there was no point putting it off any longer, so she'd like to be baptized the following Sunday (her 20th birthday), if that was alright. We were so excited! Drama always follows though, doesn't it? The super missionary active family in the ward knows her very well. Their son's inactive (but really sweet and participates in our lessons sometimes to share his insights into the gospel), and he and Mathilde used to date. Hm ... Well, she decided she was going to keep the law of chastity and so she moved out (I think that was in the last letter). James told his mom though that her good friend (He's named Kim, and they're not dating, she says) is now not going on a mission perhaps in part of something that she and Kim did and so Søster Stewart found out about Mathilde's baptismal news and was of course worried and going on and on and on and on and on and on about it all. Later that night when we met with her and ran through the baptismal interview questions with her to prepare her for the real interview, she says she can really see the change that keeping the commandments has made in her life and she's so excited. She knows this is true. She has a new light about her. When we walked in to meet with her she'd made a cute case like Søster Ronstrom's for her Triple Combination we bought her for her baptismal gift last week (back when it was the 9th) and was busily marking up Moroni 10. She says nothing's ever happen and it's all sorts of drama because we think she's fine, Søster Stewart is still worried she's going into it unworthily, meanwhile, this investigator is a bit hurt because her boyfriend (who is so open--thank goodness. They're still good friends) confessed that his mom was worried, and we just don't know what to do. Præsident Andersen is interviewing her on Wednesday though, so that should clear it up. We all trust his judgement.

Would you just pray for everyone involved (especially P. Andersen and the investigator) so that everything works out in the way that will be best for her?

Moving on.

I love our little ward here. Seriously, all the members would fit in the chapel back home three or four times. Only one of the people passing the sacrament (all four of them) doesn't have facial hair. Probably because he's about 14. The rest are at least 25. Everyone is so quirky and unique and so welcoming. Most are converts who bring such a sweet testimony.

With lots of love from a very wet Denmark,
Søster Morse

Mom - I love you! I hope you got the personal e-mail! Would you mind forwarding my letters to kendra.arbon ... at ... I can't find the at symbol ... anyway, kendra.arbon at My old MTC comp. We're swapping letters. Would you forward hers to me to? I also haven't gotten any e-mails from Katie. Would you get those from the O'Very's? They're probably super busy.

Dad & Cheryl - I love your e-mails, and I responded to them.

Katie & William - Expect letters soon.

Supreme Mugwump - THANKS FOR YOUR LETTER! Yep, that merrited caps. Søster Ronstrom has starting calling you my "kæreste", pretty much a boyfriend/girlfriend/
significant other because of the long letter I wrote and how excited I was to get your letter. Man, I really miss Rancherito's right now. And Psych. But tonight is a Castle night here. Well, actually, it's a 1 Nephi night. That's still pretty exciting though. I totally get what you mean when you wrote that the BoM takes on a whole new level of awesome out here.

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