Thursday, February 16, 2012

Greetings From the Denmark Copenhagen Mission--Safe Arrival

Greetings from the Denmark Copenhagen Mission!

We are sending you an email to let you know that your missionary arrived in Denmark, safe and sound.

We are very excited to have her here.  She looks excited to work and serve the Lord in Denmark.  Thank you so much for preparing your missionary for this time.

Missionaries in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission usually have their preparation days on Monday and will email home at that time. Just know that they are here and safe.    
When you send packages:  A) send them to the office at the address below.  B) Do not send a package worth more than 50 dollars, or they may have to pay an additional tax to receive it.  Missionaries love to get mail.  All mail comes to the mission office and we forward it to them. The Danish Mail will no longer let us forward packages from here.  If you need to get something to your missionary in a hurry, have her give you the address where she is currently serving.   A problem with this is that she may have a transfer before she receives the package.  Make sure that you visit with your missionary about future transfer dates and when you are sending a package.  Otherwise, send it to the mission office and we will get it to them at our monthly Zone Conference, Specialized Training, or when someone is traveling to that part of the mission.
Søster Hannah Morse
Danish Copenhagen Mission Office
Borups Allé 128, 1tv
2000 Frederiksberg

Søster Morse  will be serving in Copenhagen  with Søster Ronstrom.
Her current address is:
Vestre Allé 11, 1 sal,
2500 Valby
The trainers are the best of the best!  Your missionary will have an amazing trainer that will help start off her mission in the right way! 
We hope all is well with you.  Have a wonderful day!
Denmark Copenhagen Mission

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