Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My MTC Stay Has Been Unique

Dated 2/12/2012

My MTC stay has been unique, to say the least.
1. Mary in the Christmas program
2. Example teachers in opening workshop for new missionaries
3. Soster Taylor and I prayed in Relief Society today

More on #3. We rock, paper, scissored it, as per the rules, as she won so she said the opening. Just before the speaker's closing remarks (Sister Cook-1st counselor in YW), a girl in the audience has a seizure. If there was ever a time to be called to say the closing prayer...

The snow today was a huge blessing. Sister Cook said she was glad for it because it meant her husband could some. I'm not sure of the cause/effect there, but I am glad. Because of it, as soon as he saw chairs clearing, he ran down the stairs and, as the only Priesthood holder in the room, he gave the girl a blessing on the spot-even before the paramedics got there. Ordinarily, we'd have
had to wait for a security guard to get there.

The whole thing happened while watching the Mormon Message about the football player struck by lightening whose coach, 18, only a Melchizedek priest holder for 39 days, blessed him as the other coaches tried to revive him while he was in cardiac arrest. Talk about an object lesson!

Her sister was there too, which is another miracle. The panic on her sister's face though as Sister Brown asked if there was a Sister Northup there. She pushed a chair away and sprinted across the auditorium. We were all praying as the room was still except for the people around the girl. I got this calm, totally confident feeling that it all would be okay. She was fine.

At last the paramedics stabilized her and we concluded Relief Society and I went to the microphone in a totally silent, tense room. As part of it, I prayed for her, saying that she was in the Lord's service, asking Him to heal her, to fulfill the purpose He'd called her to. Again, I felt totally peaceful. It's definitely strengthened my testimony of the Holy Ghost, priesthood, and all of God's, tender mercies, like a snowy morning that brought a worthy priesthood holder to Relief Society.

Plus, I got a hug from the YW 1st Counselor!

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