Monday, January 16, 2012

What a Week

Okay, so last week my e-mail wasn't working. IT fixed it though, so we're all good, but my time has started over again at 30 minutes, when I took 10 minutes signing in over and over and trying not to swear at the computer. I wanted to e-mail so badly! Ugh, this week was an adventure.
So, backstory. The week before last all our Elders were out with the flu for a few days. That was nice. The Sisters got so much done! With that and my killer cold though, the other districts have started calling it "The Danish Plague". Yeah, it's as bad as it sounds. On Monday it hit me. Yeah. Despite my flu shot. Ah well.
In class we were trying to work in a "Union Break" into our schedule on the board. We get the occasional break to go to the bathroom, but other than that it's pretty much straight study and planning  from 8:30 until 9:30, with time for dinner and lunch. AEldste Holyoak used the wrong word and accidentally scheduled a "Conjugal Break". Bror Pullan sent a picture to all the other teachers! I rushed up to fix it, but then when I went to slide back into my desk I hit my head on the wall. You know me. Does this surprise you? Anyway, I guess I hit it harder than I thought. When the letters started blurring though I went and checked my eyes in the bathroom and they were dilating normally. No concussion. But then the queasiness I've been fighting off for the last few days hit. I could barely speak or read (in English, let alone Danish). One Elder had just been hit by the reality of the next two years, so he wasn't in class after lunch and the schedule changed without any notice, so neither was the teacher. That's when the vomiting started. We wrote on the door "Gik hjem pa grund af Dansk Pest" with a white X just like the Black Plague, then my comp's and I went home to sleep.
Four blissful hours later, they called us to chew us out for not being in class. Then made me go to the clinic. There they did all sorts of mean things like making me jump up and down and stretch. How on earth a trained physician thinks that's a good way to test the person in front of you for the flu is beyond me. Especially when they're RIGHT in front of you. It was almost really bad. Their prognosis? I had to go to the hospital. TO HAVE MY APPENDIX CHECKED! I was panicking after William's experience, but pretty sure it was the flu and a mild concussion at worst. The doctors agreed, but not until 2 catheters, 4 hours, and more bodily fluid tests than I care to admit. And then they sent me home with a prescription for ibuprofin and an anti-nausea pill. I know that my teacher who ratted me out and the clinic nurse were just trying to help, but all I wanted to do was sleep. That would've done as much good as the medications.
We did get to go to Rite Aid though. Hello, world!
I must confess, I did lose patience at one point. I snapped at a sweet nurse. She was poking around my catheter and I said, "Ow!" She asked, "Oh, does that hurt?" and kept poking. Before I could stop myself, I sweetly replied, "Oh not at all, I just like to say 'ow' for fun sometimes." That got me the evil eye. Come to think of it, that was when I got my second catheter. Oh no she didn't!
My wonderful companions were so patient and kind through the whole ordeal, and the next afternoon when the teachers sent me home sick. I've never seen Bror Pullan look so stern.
So all is well. The bruises from the catheters are almost gone. I'm perfectly healthy. I still have my appendix. Comforting though - when you go in for surgery you're allowed to call your family first.
Everything is going well with our "investigators." How do you explain to someone though that even though they were already baptized and that will always be special for them, it just simply isn't enough and they need to be baptized again? Or when they wonder why ours is the only church allowed to have the full truth and priesthood from God? Or how we can believe in God when there are so many terrible things happening in the world? The answer to all of them takes a lot of faith, and we're working on that, but any suggestions would be helpful.
And I wrote you all letters, so expect them soon.
Jeg elsker dig!
MKH (not MKF, I was wrong),
P.S. I have 10 minutes left, so I'll write next Wednesday, deo volente.

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