Thursday, January 5, 2012

Letter From Hannah 1/4/2012

Hello, Everyone!
So, you know what I said about how e-mail works both ways? Don't worry, it still does and I got all your cherished messages, but ... I miss Dear Elders! Feel free to drop me a line any time! About anything! I love hearing from you! We always hear about how much missionaries love mail, but I never quite believed it until now. It's literally your only line to the ouside world and your family. Everything here is one, long, spiritual, sleep-deprived blur. I love it too, don't get me wrong, but those random communications from you were such a blessing that I didn't even realize.
The blog sounds so cool. I wish I could see it! Never before have I been unable to see my own blog. Weird. By the way, Josh Tobler (remember him?) saw my blog post on facebook and wrote me to say that he's gotten his call to the Japan, Kobe mission. I'm so proud of him.
I love all the great Elders here who are so sincere and spiritual. And tall. What on earth do they put in the water in Idaho?! When I got sick this past week they were all right there with every remedy known to man and God. Don't worry. It was just a cold. Still, you can't speak Danish with a sore throat, so that sucked big time. AEldste Holyoak gave me his miracle meds and and one of his cloth hankerchiefs. He noticed that my nose was dry and peeling, and now he won't let me give it back, even though he and all the other AEldster were quarantined to their dorm for 4 days with the flu. One Elder in the Christmas Pageant convinced me to get a blessing, which they performed about two minutes before we had to go on. They are all such wonderful ... guys? Elders? Teens? Priestholders. Yeah. They are all wonderful priestholders. Every last one of them. And the Sister Missionaries are all so sweet. We've kind of banded together, since there are so few of us.
You all need to read (or re-read) "The Women in Our Lives" by Gordon B Hinckley and "Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" by Something Enzio Something-or-other. It shouldn't be to hard to find. (I put this in your card, Mom, but I think everyone needs to read them.
Uh ... I have seven minutes left and I can't think of anything to write. At all.
I love hearing all the stories and updates from you all. Except William. If you sent me some I'm sure I'd love them, but we won't know until we try, will we? Keep 'em coming!
We still haven't worked through all the food from Christmas and New Years. It's great to have though because dinner is at 5 and we get hungry again by 9.
That reminds me. New Years! It was so fun. We couldn't stay up 'til midnight, but we stayed up until 11! Bed time is 10:30. Heh heh ... Oh come on, it was New Years! Soster Taylor's mom sent her a package too with funny crown hats. Bror Pullan is from Vegas and when we wore them in class he said "Oh hey, girls wear those where I'm from too!" We got him to put one on. I'll send you a picture. I need to print off a bunch to mail home. Anyway, back in the dorm that night we ran around the common room on our floor wearing the hats and blowing the little horns you sent. We ran into about six other groups doing the same thing. It was chaos. Noise-makers, photos, bowling with oranges and water bottles, and all the left-over Christmas food the Sisters had in their rooms. Later, back in the room, Sostre Taylor, Arbon, Campbell, Stout, Palinikova, and I toasted the New Year with the Martinellis you sent and the champagne glasses. Then we made a fantastic mess with the poppers and streamers. It was beautiful. Truly beautiful. Thank you for helping make the holiday. Now I want to hear how you all spent it!
MKF (Med Kaerligheder Folelser = with loving feelings - that's how the Danes sign letters),
Mom - I found the perfect card for you, and I'm mailing it today. Expect it soon. I will mail home a package, but would you send me my black flats whenever you can? They can just be in an old grocery bag. It won't matter. It'll be something from home! They should be in my closet in the shoe hanger. If you can't find it, let me know.
Dad - Way to take one for the team, spending so much time 'working' in your office. Congrats to Rene and Big Matthew! They're both amazing people.
Cheryl - Thanks again for the christmas cookies. My district is still working though them, can you believe it?! They're a great break during class, and our teacher has started turning a blind eye to the fudge as long as we eat it in the stairwell or over the trash can with napkins.
Katie - Thanks for all the comics and your sweet letter! I'll write you back today! The comics got passed around the district and they were a total life saver. Would you see if Will can find some Scandinavia and the World Humon comics? That'd be perfect for here. I've already taped up some of the comics you sent me up on my wall. Tell me all about your first week with Atwood and tell him I say hi. He went to the Netherlands, right? We're friends with all the "Dutchies" here. They're in our district. They call us the "Danishes". It's really cute.
Will - Hey. No mail? Not cool. How's school going? It started today, right. Work? Friends? Yu-Gi-Oh? Global warming? Anything?
Gunky - I loved your massive letter! I'll mail my equally massive response today. Promise. Complete with a few doodles and a card. Sorry I went so long without writing to you!
Mom again - Don't worry that I'm writing Katie so much. I get a lot from her and most of it is totally random. I love you all!

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