Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 32

Kære Alle Sammen,

Wow. Søster Moore and I were just giddy during sacrament meeting yesterday.
We just got back from lunch with the Elders and the Senior Couple in Odense. It was the Senior Couple's last P-Day here before going home, so we celebrated with pizza at Mama's Cafe. They were joking that it was just like a family. In a weird way, it kind of was. We were cheering Ældste Sorensen on to finish his whole pizza. Elder Pitts was just teasing us. When Søster Moore asked what he ordered he answered, "It's looks really good! I'm excited. It's this thing that looks like bread dough, but it's not. It's called pizza dough. And then they put a sauce made out of tomato stuff on it ..." and had to wait until the very end to hear the toppings. Meanwhile Ældste and Søster Olsen were telling us stories making sure Søster Moore and Ældste Pitts didn't set anything on fire while playing with the candles on the table. Yep. Just like home.
Søster Moore has been Eurofying her wardrobe for when she goes home in December (at her parents' orders), so last P-Day was our big shopping adventure. I get to be her personal stylist and explain how it all works. Mom, I know I rebelled against all of your advice, but I DID listen. Thank you for not giving up on me. I may not care about mixing summer and winter fabrics, but at least my companion knows about it now.
On Friday we met with Ol in a cafe for hot chocolate. He just wanted some help practicing English for his American Studies class, so we hid from the rain and just chatted about American culture. There are so many things we do that I never thought were weird. For example, Ol ran the Boston Marathon a few years ago and while he was leaving the hotel a sweet old guy patted his shoulder and said, "You know, you look like you could win it!" That totally freaked Ol out. He still remembers it. His response was , "Are you kidding me?! I'm way to white!" He just didn't get why some random guy was being so personal. And optimistic. Danes a such realists. And I never realized just how loudly we talk. It's true though. It was a wonderful experience though, being able to sit and talk about books and movies and just get to know Ol like a normal person. Regardless of where he ends up gospel-wise, we're so being friends post-mission. I love that guy.
This is totally random, but I also love the ward here. Søster Johnson knew everyone and all of their family across Denmark after 10 months here, so it was mostly just following her lead. With Søster Moore though we've gotten to know them all more personally, and they're all so great. There's an older lady in the ward with Alzheimer's who always flirts with Ældste Sorensen. It's hilarious. Every time she sees him she leans over and whispers to me (just loud enough for him to hear, "Er han ikke en flot fyr?" ("Isn't he a good-looking man?")
We had Mutual with the Young Women this week, which was also just a blast. Our ward has the best Unge Piger nogensinde! We also got a call about 45 minutes before church started, asking if we'd teach the lesson in the 14-16 year-old class about 3 Nephi 1-7. Fantastic. Søster Moore stressed a bit, but it actually turned out really well. We just have the best ward in all of Denmark. No contest.
Jeg elsker jer!
Photos: Danish kroner!

Mom - Don't worry too much about me being sick. It's just a mystery thing, and we've been able to work a lot of half days, so I still feel like I can kind of be a missionary! I know you've had that package waiting for ages, but would you mind waiting just one more week? Hopefully by then the doctor will know exactly what it is, and I might need you to send me some *ahem* "American candy" to treat it. ;) Highland sounds absolutely beautiful right now. I love the land and climate here, but I do miss the mountains some times. They're just so majestic! Thanks for the 3 p's. I'm going to have to put those up in my apartment somewhere!
Katie - I can't believe your Italian trip is so soon!! Send me a postcard or something! And that's so cool that Madame is having twins!!! Poor AP student though. That'd be hard - teaching a high school French class while you're only in high school yourself. Still, that's awesome!
William - Don't ask how I know about it, but you should watch the VGHS (Video Game High School) series on Youtube. I saw the first episode at a member's and it reminded me so much of you.
Greg - Have you taken the ATV up in the mountains for fall yet? Next time you do, will you send me pictures?
Dad - Sorry to hear everyone's been sick. I didn't know you lived in Brigham City, actually, but that's really cool that they've finished another temple. I've always loved them, even more so after going through for myself, but after being here I think I'm just beginning to understand what it's all about. And thank you for the quote from the church in Stanford. I've never heard that before, but it's so true. I can't tell you how many times we ask people during contacting, "Do you believe in God?" only to have them answer, "Not really. I believe in science". It seems like only half an answer. As it said, no widening of physical understanding can compensate for the narrowing of the human soul. That's the norm here, but there are also so many people who do believe and have an open horizon, but no destination. Enter the missionaries. :) Have fun in Italy! It must be beautiful at this time of year. I'm almost jealous, but let's face it. Nothing beats Denmark. You know what I mean. Denmark ftw!
Søst T - Thanks for the super cute card! You're my muse. You've inspired me to get a coloring book. I'll write back soon! Oh, and I got more of those pony cards. None were quite as funny as your pack. I think you guys got the winner.
Sost A - So I blatantly plagiarized your e-mail from a couple weeks ago and e-mailed the photos of the money to my parents. 1. Because I don't want to take the photos myself. 2. Because yours look awesome. 3. Let's face it, when am I ever going to get my hands on a 500 kroner bill? I'll send some photos of the coins though, and you can steal those if you want. Fair trade?
Supreme Mugwump - Okay, I PROMISE I'll get the year mark package off soon. I'm finishing up the last gift as we speak. ... As I type. How are you settling into Bellevue? Say hi to Hna Weagle for me! Have you been able to see the photos I sent you on Google+?

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