Friday, July 13, 2012

Week 21

Kære Alle Sammen,

So this week was a bit of a roller coaster. I'll just go day by day. I hate to do that, but that's the only way I'll get it all.

Monday - P-Day, blessed P-Day. We went to IKEA, which is exactly the same in Denmark as it is in the US. The best part of it all was the 5 kroner ice cream. I think next time I'm going to get 4. We also had dinner with a family whose son served in Cambridge the same time that I was there. I remember Dr Kerry telling me he met some missionaries and showed them around the city. Turns out it was this Danish member and his companion! He's also Præsident Andersen's nephew. Small world. So basically we spent the whole night talking about Dr Kerry, Cambridge, and philosophy. I felt like myself again. Until I found out that I don't totally suck at basketball. That was a bit too Twilight Zone for me. Hey, Ældste Sorensen is just a good coach I guess.

Tuesday - Zone Conference up in Århus, which is the city I was most excited to see in Denmark. Shame it's not a Sister's area. It's the second largest city in Denmark, known for it's university, essentially one giant college town, and know for the best bakery in Denmark. Langenæs. Yummy. I ate two big pastries for breakfast, and could happily have eaten more. Oh dear. Between that and IKEA, I'm in trouble. We met Præsident Sederholm and the three youngest of his children, who came to Denmark with him. His wife is really fun, and we're all excited to have them here. He's unbelievably enthusiastic about the work, and putting a real emphasis on working with the members. I like him. After that we drove with the AP's all the way from Århus to Copenhagen. It was great to spend the night with Søster Olsson and Søster Guesne in my old area again though!

Wednesday - Søster Johnson is the Coordinating Sister, and as her companion I had to accompany her to the Leadership Conference. So we spent the whole 4th of July in a meeting. It was a great opportunity though, sitting around the table with Præs, the AP's, and the Zone Leaders, and discussing and debating plans for the mission. However, Søster Johnson and I dressed up in red, white, and blue, and I brought the MoTab hymns collection along so we could listen to the patriotic songs. Søster Guesne just roller her eyes. That's what you get for being a French Scott in an apartment full of Americans.

Thursday - We met with Pe. He said that he really did want to follow Christ. The question was just how to do it. Bingo. But just as Søster Johnson began saying, "Pe, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be bapt-" he interrupted with a question about something else and we were never able to come back to it. He decided to quit smoking though, which we were really excited for.

Friday - Was just a normal day. Phew.

Saturday - We had a great appointment with Pe again, and invited him to baptism. He agreed to consider it as he continued reading in the Book of Mormon. He was really excited to come to church on Sunday and meet with us again too. More on him later though.

Sunday - Peter didn't come to church, and we got a text from him out of the blue that afternoon. "I will never be Mormon. Don't come on Tuesday." Ouch. We asked questions, but he refused to answer them or meet again to talk. Well shoot dang. Søster Moore was right. Every time an investigator drops you it's like being dumped. I've also added a new scripture to my list of favorites. I came across it in my reading not long after Ni, and it came to mind again after Pe. Mosiah 27:14, when Alma the Younger is first "touched (rather forcefully") by an angel". "And again, the angel said: Behold, the Lord hath heard the prayers of his people, and also the prayers of his servant, Søster Morse, who is they missionary, for she has prayed with much faith concerning thee that thou mightest be brought to the knowledge of the truth, therefore, for this purpose have I come to convince thee of the power and authority of God, that the prayers of his servants might be answered according to their faith." Okay, well maybe that's not exactly what Alma wrote. I like it though.

Monday - So fun! We went with Ældste and Søster Olsen, the Senior Couple in Odense, up to Kerteminde. Google it. It's a beautiful little fishing town right on the northern coast of Fyn. We explored old second hand stores, walked along the rocky beach, and went out to the docks to buy fresh fish from the fishermen there. They were caught about an hour before, so they're as fresh as they can be. The fishermen stand on the dock next to the boat, then you tell them how you'd like the fish cut and they clean and cut it on the spot. And at only 6 kroner per fillet (normally about 20 kroner in the grocery store), it's hands down the best fish in Denmark. We got to go see some old gravhøj (Viking burial mounds)out in a field. The Olsens also treated us to ice cream, which we enjoyed with a nice coastal breeze. I love all of the Senior Couples here. The Olsens treats us like his own kids (complete with the occasional telling off when we've earned it). The Nielsens who run the office are just so sweet. I'd bring Søster Nielsen wild flowers we'd picked during the day, and she'd let us take extra cookies. The other day I got a call from the Telfords (the couple from the Center for Young Adults we worked with), just to say hi again. Seeing the Senior Couples in action has given me a much deeper respect for them. Us young(er) missionaries would be lost without them! I'm so proud that both sets of my grandparents have served a senior couples mission (or currently are)! Deo volente, I want to grow up to be one too. I've got a few years to work up to being that amazing though.

I don't mean to sound like I'm not focusing on my mission, I am, but would it be possible to send periodic updates of news from home? I've heard Obama got his health care thing through, and that half of Utah's on fire. What's going on back there?

Well, I think that's all folks!

Søster Morse

Mom - Thanks for the smoothie recipe. It sounds yummy. I've actually been considering seeing a doctor, because the iron pills didn't seem to be enough. That explains it though. I've only been taking them in the morning. I wanted to make sure I didn't get too much iron, since that's not healthy either. I've done some more research though, and I'm safe to increase it a bit. Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes. Sorry you missed the Lehi Round-Up. That's always a summer highlight. However, it's SUPER awesome that you got to see grandma and grandpa! That's an incredible story with grandpa. I'll keep him in my prayers too.

Dad - You would just go and break our cypher. Punk. Now I know where I get it from. Please tell me you got a picture of the boys on the patio. Tell Caroline and co. I say hi!

William - Mr. Jellyman? Did you die? Seriously, I haven't heard anything from or about you in weeks. What's up?

Katie - Enjoy girls camp! I don't have to tell you that, but I'm going to anyway. It's an incredible experience, isn't it? The youth here just got back from EFY, and can't stop talking about it. They only hold it every other year here and have to rotate host countries since it's for all of Scandinavia. This year it was in Sweden. It only made me that much more grateful for all of the opportunities we have living in Utah. I hope you take every one. I regret not going to more things, actually.

Søster Ronstrom - Yes ma'am. I definitely do enjoy putting my name tag on every morning. Being a missionary is wonderful, but it seems like you're settling back into civilian life pretty well. ;) Oh man, I wish I'd been able to go to Daniella's baptism. It sounds amazing. She really is a living miracle. Tillykke to your brother! Good luck contacting too! Let me know how it goes. Do you go work with the missionaries often?

Supreme Mugwump - Søster Johnson is considering the Disney Internship after an almost 2 hour conversation about the brilliance of Disney. Success. It made me all sorts of nostalgic though.

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