Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 22 (also my age! That only happens once!)

Kære Alle Sammen,
Super quick e-mail today. We have to book it for an appointment at the Bishop's house.
This week was awesome. We went up to Horsens for splits with Søster Christensen and Søster Moore. Søster Moore and Søster Morse strike again. Yes. I love going contacting with her. People are always so confused. Horsens is absolutely beautiful. It's out in the country on Jylland. As always, I recommend googling pictures of the places I talk about. I have yet to be disappointed by Denmark's scenery. Oh, and we found out that Kerteminde was named the most beautiful city in Denmark. We're so going back.
We got to go to a Relief Society activity at the RS Pres's home. Essentially, every sister brought their favorite piece of music to share with the others and we all just sat and hygged with music and crepes (the Danes call them pancakes. Actual flapjacks are lost to them. Even if pancakes are love.) That meant that, as a part of fulfilling my calling as a missionary in the ward, I got to listen to Michael Buble. Life. Is. Wonderful.
We had a fantastic lesson with Ol. He needs a lot of time and love, so we've really been working on the basics with him. This time I really felt like we should talk about scriptures. He was enthralled. He's had a tough time with the Bible and how it doesn't always match up. He says there must've been two men named Jesus, because there's no way it's all talking about the same person. It's a combination of different points of view, translating, and the loss of "many plain and precious things". All of it underscores the need for the Book of Mormon. We actually just read 1 Ne 13 with him where it talks about another book of scripture and he really liked the idea, as well as the idea of D&C, that the Lord still speaks to His church.
However, he doesn't want to come to church again. He doesn't think it's fair that he sits there bored, but trying, while the members around him play on their phones and chat over the speaker. He's right. I've also seen some of the Young Women coming to church in pants, and some RS sisters using their garments as undershirts in case their dress comes too low or doesn't have sleeves. I'm not sure how to approach the situation, but something has to change. I love the members here though. They're so willing to help.
Other than that we've decided to rearrange all of the furniture in the apartment as part of our deep cleaning for cleaning checks. It looks so much better. Attacking the stove with bleach and a toothbrush will have that effect. We'll see how long it lasts. You'd be proud. I'm actually not a bad cook, I've discovered.
Søster Johnson gave a talk in church on Sunday and she was brilliant!
Love you all!
Søster Morse
Nerd who keeps the trains runnin- Sorry you didn't get the letter. I'm usually really careful to get both addresses, but I guess I missed it. Thank you for the scriptures. They help. And I loved your commentary on Pudding. Still puffy. Good to know.
Mom - What a story! I'm so proud of my family and their priorities. My companion thinks I'm a bit eccentric. Now I know where I get it from. I loved chatting with you too. I love you!
Greg - Thank you for the cute e-mail. That made my day. If I can do anything to help with your primary class, let me know!
Katie - Way to go! You've got the respectful response down to an art. It takes a lot of missionaries their whole mission to learn that. When someone asks a question, it's definitely possible to answer politely without being preachy. I'm also so glad you were watching the Joseph Smith movie at all. I love it. I was able to get a copy of it from the Mission Office (missionary goods are super cheap. Can you say 6 dollar dvd set?!) and watch it every few weeks for personal study. It's incredible. You need to see Emma Smith: My Story next. I'm so getting that movie when I get home!
Supreme Mugwump - Wow. I'm completely blown away by your experience with the homeless woman you met. I actually started tearing up a bit. Our mission scripture is nearing fulfillment, I think. I'm glad your talk went well! Now you can BS in 2 languages! And you win. I love the pirate stickers. P.S. My dad broke the code. Abort! Abort!

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