Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week 17

Kære Familie,
Hello all! This week will be super short, since we don't have much time at the library today. We're busy running around all day to get ready for all of the Sisters to be staying at our house tonight and be back in time to unlock the door for them. Crazy fun!
We met with Ni again this week! I was able to play the "I'm transferring and want to see you before I leave" card shamelessly and with great success. Unfortunately, the two months he hasn't met with us definitely took their toll. He wasn't sure if it was all true anymore. However, we had a member present at the lesson and the two of them just clicked. He served his mission here in Denmark about a year ago, even though he is Danish, and was able to answer the questions masterfully, answering the core concern but also managing to direct it back to the main point of the lesson. He even invited Ni to be baptized, which was NOT part of our game plan. However, Ni gave it some thought and agreed that if he found out it was true, then he would be baptized. So we're back to square one again, but it's progress from where he was a few weeks ago!
I got my hair cut! It was a bit out of control, but so long. It was maybe only about 4 inches away from my waist. A member at the CUV agreed to cut it for me since she does all of her families hair. She was a bit rushed, but it came out great. One side was just a bit longer than the other and she doesn't like doing layers. I was able to clean it up when I got home though and thanks to the curl you can't tell the layers are uneven. Hey, you try cutting the back of your own hair some time! It's really short now too, only just below my shoulders, but it's much healthier. I've also learned a trick. Run olive oil through the ends of your hair, twist it up in a bun, leave it for 20 minutes, and then take a shower. I was amazed. You can also rub the oil onto your cuticles and hands, then sleep with gloves on. It's amazing how many super quick little short cuts you learn as a Sister Missionary!
The other big news is that I took my immigration exam today. It's all language and culture with listening and speaking. I'm certain I passed, but I have a deal with the Senior Couple who manage the office. If I got 100%, they'll take me and my companions out for ice cream. Anything less and we take them out. I love all of the people here in the mission!
I'll see if I can send more pictures home soon.
Jeg elsker jer!
Søster Morse
Dad - Thank you for the insight from your BoM class. I really wish I were there to audit it. And as far as Lene visiting goes, I'd love to see her! As always, the only address I can give out is the Mission Office's, which is the Borrups Alle one you send mail to. Their number is 4038113999. When I get to where I'm going, I'll let you know the number for there too.
Mom - It is legit and kosher. They just have people send it to the main office just because the Lord only knows how long you'll be living at your local address. Literally. And of course I'll keep him in my prayers. I always do. And thanks for the photos! Michael is a GIANT! And you were gorgeous. Wow. And from what I can see, I totally have your build. Cool!
Katie - Congratulations on getting your license! How fun is that?! And weird. I remember you tearing up the neighborhood in your pink little Barbie convertable. And I love the new nickname. We had some pretty good times in our little triumvirate. And I'm so proud of you for cracking a joke like that. Brava.
Supreme Mugwump - HAPPY HALF WAY DAY! It's been a while since I've gotten your e-mails. That makes me sad. However, I got a letter from you today. That makes me happy. I have nothing more to say.

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