Monday, April 2, 2012

The Sjaeland Zone (from my 2nd week here)

Aw, the Sjæland Zone. This is actually from Specialized Training my second week here. Søster Arbon is in black and white on the left, Søster Ronstrom is in purple on the right, the goofy Elders right behind me are Ældste Wilden (pointing, our DL who gave me the blessing) and Ælste Holyoak from the MTC. In front from left to right are Ældste and Søster Nielsen, who work in the office and always give us cookies. We see them about every day when we go borrow the church key, get mail, or pick up more Books of Mormon. Book of Mormons? Whatever they're called, we sure give out a lot of them. In the center are Præsident and Søster Andersen. I love them both. Words can't even describe how wonderful they are. I think the reason their mission is being ended a year early is because they're being translated. On the right are Ældste and Søster Telford, who work the Center for Young Adults. I think I sent a picture of Ældste Telford a while ago. They're so sweet and just plain crazy. The universal grandparents of the mission. I love my zone!

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