Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Snow Miracle

Hannah wanted to see the house blanketed in snow one last time before she left. There has not been much snow this year, but the weather forecast predicted a chance of snow and Hannah included the snow request in her prayers. As the week progressed, the chance of snow decreased from a "slight" chance to almost "no chance." When she woke up the morning before she went into the MTC (Tuesday), she was surprised to find a little snow had fallen. We teased her saying that the request of an almost missionary was heard. It wasn't the blanket of snow she wanted, but a little skiff is better than nothing. She then confessed she didn't think the snow would happen and quit praying for it. First thing we did was dress for the weather and grab the sleds. Even with all the packing and last minute things to do, we had to take advantage of the "Snow Miracle."

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